Chapel Stone® Garden Walling

A Natural Alternative to Stone

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Chapel Stone® Garden Walling blends well with other styles of Hanover® pavers to offer many design possibilities. The natural stone characteristics of the walling lend it to a large variety of uses – surrounding a patio, raising a flower bed, creating a low retaining wall, or building steps, walkways and paths. Hanover´s Chapel Stone® offers the look and feel of natural stone better than any other product.

Each stone has been faced, most having return ends for corners, and will lay neatly to save installation time. Both the homeowner and professional mason will appreciate the ease of wall construction. Chapel Stone® Garden Walling is available in Gray Blend, Tan Blend and Canyon Blend. Each pack will have random lengths and colors. Packaged either in 6" or 3" height, they can be laid individually or mixed.

Chapel Stone® Garden Walling can be laid as a dry wall with no mortar or as a mortared wall with mortar joints. If a mortared system is used, weep holes along the bottom of the wall are required. A dry wall can be laid up to 3 feet high. Elevations beyond 3 feet require engineering design. Chapel Stone® Garden Walling may be cleaned with masonry cleaners as necessary.

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