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Prest® Pavers

Hanover's Concrete Prest® Pavers provide the characteristics and performance of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.


Roof Pavers

Hanover® offers a solution for all roofing/waterproofing needs from Standard Walkway to Roof Ballast to Architectural Plazas and Green Roofs.


Permeable Pavers

Hanover's Permeable Paving Units allow for stormwater drainage and manage excessive runoff, as most municipalities now require.


Prest® Brick

Creating endless design opportunities, Hanover® Prest® Brick includes several styles with appearances ranging from classic to rugged.


Pedestal Systems

Effectively draining water from a roof or plaza is a critical issue for every building. By using an elevated paver system, water is channeled away from the roof surface, reclaiming lost space.



Available in Straight, Radius and Transition Sections, RockCurb® is an alternative to natural stone curbs and edgers.


Ammon's Wall®

With the ability to be laid in different directions, Ammon's Wall® offers the versatility to create anything from planter walls and seat walls to free standing walls and pillars.


Asphalt Block

Produced with Post Industrial Recycled Content, Hanover® Asphalt Block is an extremely durable, unique paving alternative.


Chapel Stone® Walling

Adding beauty, charm and value to your landscaping, Hanover's Chapel Stone Garden Wall provides a natural stone appearance.


Reconstructed Stone®

Exterior wall and masonry panels bridge the gap between concrete and natural stone.


Porcelain Pavers

Hanover's NEW Porcelain Pavers are the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring.


Specialty Services

Hanover® can provide services ranging from water jet cutting to engraving to meet any project design requirement.


Architectural Galleries

Constantly striving to manufacture innovative new products for use in a variety of architectural spaces, Hanover® has earned a reputation of leadership within the industry. In order to guarantee the integrity of the design from start to finish, the producer needs to have a long standing reputation of product consistency, exceptional performance and first-rate service. These project references demonstrate the superior quality of Hanover® products and high level of trust that has been placed with us. We would be honored to be part of your next project!


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We Would be Honored to be Part of your next project.

Hanover® Architectural Products has been providing quality concrete unit paving products to architects and designers for over fifty years. Our company is constantly striving to manufacture innovative types of pavers utilizing unique shapes, aggregate or color blends, and surface textures.

We have earned a reputation of leadership within the industry based on our product performance and the support given to our customers. Hanover® is built on the philosophy that quality and service always comes first. Our project references demonstrate the high level of trust that has been placed with us.
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Outdoor living spaces are an important asset, increasing the value of a home as well as reclaiming unused lawn areas. Hanover's extensive line of paving products truly completes your home and landscaping.

While unique color and aggregate blending and custom sizes have become Hanover's trademark, a wide range of products are stocked in several standard colors, sizes, and textures. From a small hand held brick to larger scaled pavers, these stocked products are readily available.

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