Ammon's Wall®

Sized at 8” x 12” x 4”, Ammon's Wall® is a very versatile wall block. Blocks can be laid in any direction to create a natural random pattern. Building patterns are endless creating a unique wall with every installation. Ammon's Wall® can be used to create decorative pillars, steps, and garden or planter walls. Lights can easily be added on top of pillars or columns built with Ammon's Wall®. Voids are created in the center of the pillar allowing electrical cords to be protected and hidden from view. With only one size block, installation is quick and easy.

  • Sized at 8" x 12" x 4"
  • Stocked in five color blends [View Colors]
  • Units can be laid and turned in any direction
  • Create a wall with an 8" or 12" depth [Installation Detail]
  • Ammon's Wall® Square Firepit Kits are available [Flyer]


Chocolate/Tan Blend
Gettysburg Gray
South Mountain Sand
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