Ammon's Wall®

With the ability to be laid in different directions, Ammon's Wall® offers the versatility
to create anything from planter walls and seat walls to free standing walls and pillars.

Ammon's Wall® Block

Sized at 8” x 12” x 4”, Ammon's Wall® is a very versatile wall block. Blocks can be laid in any direction to create a natural random pattern.


Ammon's Wall® Mixed consists of 3 sizes - 8” x 12”, 8” x 8” and 4” x 8” with a 4” depth. All sizes are installed together to create a more natural, random appearance.


Sized at 8” x 12, Ammon's Wall® Radius is a wedge shaped unit designed to allow the wall to bend and curve with the landscaping and architecture while maintaining closer joints between units.