Chapel Stone

Adding beauty, charm and value to your landscaping, Hanover's Chapel Stone Garden Wall provides a natural stone appearance.

Garden Walling

Chapel Stone® Garden Wall offers the versatility to create anything from planter walls and seat walls to free standing walls and pillars.

Step Block®

Hanover's Chapel Stone® Step Block has been redesigned. Step Blocks now have a pitched face with a SlafeFace® top surface for a more natural appearance.

Pillar Cap

Chapel Stone® Pillar Caps are stocked in a 30” x 30” x 2 1/2” size. They are available in the same new colors as the Step Block - Chocolate, Gray and Sand.

Radius Walling

Chapel Stone® Radius allows the walling to blend and curve with the landscaping and architecture. A tighter joint can be maintained using these wedge shaped stones.

Chapel Stone® Pavers

Hanover's Chapel Stone® Pavers create a bold stone paving design with rocky and uneven top surfaces. They are perfect for the project that requires a more “rugged stone” appearance.