Chapel Stone® Garden Walling

Chapel Stone® Garden Wall offers the versatility to create anything from planter walls and seat walls to free standing walls and pillars. Manufactured from high density concrete to obtain compressive strengths equal to natural stone, Chapel Stone® units have low water absorption to ensure a long lasting installation. Available in four color blends, Garden Walling is manufactured in random lengths and two heights – 2 13/16” and 5 5/8”. Colors and heights can be used separately or mixed together.

Each stone has been faced with half of the pieces faced on both sides. Three of the four lengths also have return ends for corners. Because the pieces are consistent in shape, they will lay neatly creating dimensional stability and saving installation time. Chapel Stone® Garden Walling can be laid up to 3 feet high. Elevations beyond 3 feet require engineering design. Chapel Stone® is not meant as a highway retaining wall.