Commercial Asphalt Block

Produced with Post Industrial Recycled Content, Hanover® Asphalt Block is an extremely durable, unique paving alternative. Specialized methods of manufacture produce an extremely dense and durable paver with the ability to withstand “real world” conditions at their worst. Impressive test results prove Asphalt Block will withstand extreme weather fluctuations, resist sparks and support heavy static loads while complimenting any project in appearance. Walkways paved with Asphalt Block which were installed over 100 years ago are still in use today. Available in several sizes and a variety of colors and textures, Hanover® Asphalt Block will enhance any project.

  • Variety of sizes and shapes are available [Size Chart]
  • 3D Diamond creates three dimensional effects
  • Less than 1% absorption rate
  • Produced with Post Industrial Recycled Content
  • Gauged for even thickness
  • Comfortable walking surface
  • Range of colors and textures available [View Colors]
  • Ideal for interior applications because of sound reducing qualities
  • Recommended for pedestrian and vehicular traffic [Product Usage Chart]