Here at Hanover® Architectural Products, we take pride in the company culture that we've built. Having started with a few key, core principles over 50 years ago, we strive every day to empower our employees as much as they empower this company.

When you walk through the hallways of Hanover®, there's an energy pulsing down the corridors - an exhilarating tension at cubicles where folks plot out the next big idea. While we may have been blessed enough as a company to have worked with some of this industry's most defining places and people, there's no denying the magic that our employees bring out in each other every single day.

As a company, we show appreciation to our employees in a variety of ways. This includes everything from soup cook-offs to holiday parties to award presentations and family picnics - anything to show our gratitude for each and every employee. Look below for a glimpse in to our company culture. 



    At Hanover®, we believe we are stronger, smarter, and better together. We know we wouldn’t be here today without the help of our strong and hardworking employees. This is why we try to celebrate them and their achievements every chance we get! From holiday parties, lunches, and treats to awards and shoutouts, we take the time to let everyone know how important they are to us and this company. Keep reading to get a sneak peek into some of the ways we celebrate at Hanover®!

    Food, Food, and More Food!

    If there is one thing we know how to do at Hanover® (besides making the best pavers), it’s how to eat! We like to show our employees how appreciative we are of their hard work and dedication by treating them to lunch, dessert or hosting a potluck. We kicked off 2023 with a Super Bowl Chili Cook-Off, where Tessa won everyone’s hearts (and stomachs) with her delicious Pepperoni Chili. In May, we enjoyed a PA Dairymen’s famous Farm Show Milkshake to celebrate the start of the annual Spring Paver Sale. We had visits from local food trucks such as Sarah’s Creamery and Food Adventures. In the coming weeks, we’ll host a Halloween Potluck and Soup Cook-Off. Our stomachs are growling just thinking about it!


    To us, our employees are more than just co-workers and colleagues; they’re family. What better way to celebrate family than by throwing a party? Every year, we hold our annual Company Picnic and spend the day with each other and our families. Multiple food trucks, games, and attractions fill our property for an afternoon of family fun. Towards the end of the year, we all take a well-earned half day and spend the afternoon together at our Christmas Party! Catered lunch and desserts, cornhole and horseshoes, and an awards ceremony are the perfect way to spend an afternoon just before Christmas. During the Christmas party, we also acknowledge our employees and their years of service and present the prestigious Rafiki Award.


    Between dressing up for Halloween and Ugly Sweater Contests or making a Company-Wide Breakfast, we believe in small acts of kindness to show our employees how much they mean to us. And in case we haven’t said it enough lately, THANK YOU. You are why we have been around for over 50 years and will continue for over 50 more. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate everything you do for our company. Now, when’s the next party?!