Here at Hanover® Architectural Products, we take pride in the company culture that we've built. Having started with a few key, core principles over 50 years ago, we strive every day to empower our employees as much as they empower this company.

When you walk through the hallways of Hanover®, there's an energy pulsing down the corridors - an exhilarating tension at cubicles where folks plot out the next big idea. While we may have been blessed enough as a company to have worked with some of this industry's most defining places and people, there's no denying the magic that our employees bring out in each other every single day.

As a company, we show appreciation to our employees in a variety of ways. This includes everything from soup cook-offs to holiday parties to award presentations and family picnics - anything to show our gratitude for each and every employee. Look below for a glimpse in to our company culture. 



    Over 50 years ago, concrete met inspiration and Hanover® Architectural Products was born. We have been providing quality concrete unit paving products to architects and designers since 1971. Hanover® was built on the philosophy that quality and service always come first. We know that we wouldn’t be able to live up to that philosophy without the help of our employees throughout the years. That’s why in 2021, we celebrated 50 years of working together to create beautifully designed products for projects of distinction.


    On Friday, August 13, 2021, the Hanover® team met at Hauser Hill Event Center in Biglerville, PA. During cocktail hour, everyone started to arrive and began to mingle. From the outside patio to the covered tables, guests wondered about and were eager for dinner to start. Everyone eventually met in the dinner tent for a delicious buffet meal from Great American Caterers.


    After everyone enjoyed their meals, it was time for awards! Kevin Repasky kicked off the awards ceremony by honoring retirees, handing out new tenure certificates, and various other special awards. Finally, came the prestigious Rafiki Award. This award is given to the team member who expresses great insight, inspires and motivates others, and looks beyond themselves to view what they do as an opportunity to help those around them. A round of applause roared as Kevin awarded the Rafiki award to Tim Newman!


    After an evening full of celebrations, amazing food, and many laughs, everyone left Hauser Hill with a smile on their face. We know we wouldn’t have made it to 50 years without the help and dedication of our employees. If we get a chance to celebrate these amazing individuals for all they do, you know we’ll take advantage of it! We hope that 50 years from now, we’ll be reflecting on another great milestone celebration and crossing a century off our list. Won’t you celebrate with us?

    Hanover Architectural Products 50th Anniversary