With over 50 years under our belt here at Hanover®, it’s no surprise to anyone that we’ve had a few employees reach retirement this year. Our retirees this year make up a family that we hold near and dear to our hearts. They’ve been fundamental in Hanover’s growth over the last 30+ years, helping to build a community based on our values, and they’ll be sorely missed as we close out 2023.


In June of this year, we had our first retirement celebration for Larry Jackson at our Hanover® office. Larry had been with the company for 35 years, supporting and leading our Southeast sales team. He started in December of 1988 as a Sales Representative, working his way up to the role of Technical Sales Director of the Southeast Region.


Later on, in November of this year, we had our second retirement party. This time around, we celebrated Anita Sipling in her accomplishments as an Order Processor for the Midwest, West, International, and Marketing Partners. She joined the Hanover® family in June of 2015, fulfilling 8 years with Hanover®.


Soon after, the team gathered in December to celebrate the retirements of Diane Kuhns and Harold Henry. Diane started here in November of 2003, giving her over 20 years under her belt as an Order Processor for the Northeast region. Harold joined the team in December of 1987 and spent those 35 years working towards the role of the Technical Sales Director of the Northeast Region.


Together, our 4 retirees clock in at just under 100 years of experience combined! As integral members of our Hanover® community, we as a company would like to take a moment to reflect on the years they’ve honored us with. Below, we’ve included a gallery of some of our favorite pastimes with these individuals for you to browse through as you wish them a happy, carefree retirement and thank them for everything they did!