Emery's Memory Foundation

Hanover® Architectural Products was built on 4 core values: faith, family, work, and fitness. Here at Hanover®, the same core values that drive our company, drive our life. As you can imagine, the community and organizations we partner with share the message of these core values, and there’s no better example than one of our recent visitors, Emery’s Memory Foundation.


Emery’s Memory Foundations aims to spread awareness for childhood cancer, provide funding for research/families, and keep Emery’s memory alive. It’s a nonprofit started in honor of the Founder & Director Jenna’s daughter, Emery. Emery had just celebrated her 2nd birthday when she was diagnosed with stage 4, high-risk Neuroblastoma. Jenna experienced the treatment process first-hand, leading her to advocate for better treatments, funding, and awareness concerning childhood cancer. You can read more about Emery’s story here and donate to their mission.


We were honored to have Peter, Emery’s great uncle, stop through last month on his Thunder Ride across the United States. He took on the feat of biking 9,000 miles across the United States thrice, from July through September, hoping to boost Emery’s story. Along the way, he decided to make Hanover® one of his stops after initially stopping by in 2020 while running across the country. His original stop-in was last-minute, but this time around, we notified our team members ahead of time and prepared for his visit.


Hanover’s team assembled out front of our Residential Design Center to greet Peter as he stopped in for the afternoon. Accompanying Peter and ensuring a safe journey across the states was Peter’s son, Jacob, as well as Drew Renner, a videographer covering the ride (you can watch the series here). We gathered at the Residential Design Center, posing for a photo in front of our sign. The Hanover Team was full of questions for Peter about his journey thus far, asking things like his average speed and how many miles he covers in a day. Peter mentioned that there were days when the numbers weren’t what he thought they should be so he had to remind himself that this journey is not about the numbers. His journey is about meeting people and sharing Emory’s story. We are extremely grateful for his choice to stop here again.


Although his visit was brief, our CEO Kevin accompanied Peter as he took the time to talk to each department and share the statistics about childhood cancer and research. We were able to share stories throughout the day, reminding us of our core values and the most important things in life. We sent him on his way with some snacks afterward, as well as a few stop suggestions. We can’t wait to see what’s next for this important cause, which Hanover® will be supporting every step of the way.