With Spring peaking in from around the corner, we’d like to look back and reflect on our February. We held a two-for-one celebration here in the office, combining our yearly Superbowl Party Potluck with our annual Chili Cook-Off. Beyond that, we also updated the Wall of Recognition, honoring employees who have been with us the longest. Feel free to take a minute to read on as we dive deeper!


Starting with the tastiest event, our annual Chili Cook-Off was definitely a highlight of 2023 so far.

With eight unique chilis to choose from, it wasn’t easy to narrow down our favorites. Everything from sweet potatoes to bacon blessed our palettes as we voted to see which chili would be the office favorite.

Coming out on top that day was Tessa Weishaar with her Pepperoni Chili!


We can’t go by without mentioning the 2023 Superbowl!

The Superbowl / Chili Cook-Off was the Friday before Superbowl Sunday, so we could only speculate what would happen, but there were whispers all day about the possible outcome, as well as team colors to show support!

We all know how THAT game went (no comment!), but we wanted to take the time to recognize how lucky we are to spend time with our family and friends on an event like Superbowl Sunday.

15 YEARS...

Speaking of recognition- we’ve made some significant additions to THE WALL of Recognition! The Employee Recognition Wall can be seen from the lobby of our Corporate Office, alongside the steps. It’s a celebration of tenure, acknowledging the employees that have been with the company for 15+ years. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate a few employees that hit their fifteen-year mark with Hanover last year. Thank you to Gail Feltch, Donna Groft, Timothy Groft, Maresa Fisher, David Lopez Perez, Juan Salazar, and Valeriano Rivera-Nunez for your commitment to our company and resulting growth over the last 15 years!


Beyond that, a few employees reached the next milestone in the last year. We’d like to thank Joe Carbaugh, Patrick Colm, Steven Zinn, Ray Mann III, Andy Hempfing, Matthew Colm for reaching twenty years of service, and Jimmy Small and Troy McMaster for reaching 25 years of service! We appreciate everything you all do for this company, and there’s no doubt that we wouldn’t have made it this far without such a loyal, supportive team.


Altogether, it was a whirlwind of a month. Although the weather may have been temperamental, spirits are always high in the office as we start 2023 with a bang! Join us here next month as we share a bit of our Company Culture with you once more, and have a splendid March!