Here at Hanover® Architectural Products, we take pride in the company culture that we've built. Having started with a few key, core principles over 50 years ago, we strive every day to empower our employees as much as they empower this company.

When you walk through the hallways of Hanover®, there's an energy pulsing down the corridors - an exhilarating tension at cubicles where folks plot out the next big idea. While we may have been blessed enough as a company to have worked with some of this industry's most defining places and people, there's no denying the magic that our employees bring out in each other every single day.

As a company, we show appreciation to our employees in a variety of ways. This includes everything from soup cook-offs to holiday parties to award presentations and family picnics - anything to show our gratitude for each and every employee. Look below for a glimpse in to our company culture. 



    Hanover’s first participation in a trade show can be traced back to the 80s. However, our involvement has grown tremendously over time, making ‘Trade Show Season’ a staple every year. Whether we’re setting up in San Francisco for the 2023 AIA Expo or face-to-face with you at IIBEC in Houston, it’s taken a dedicated team and years of innovation to get to where we are today.


    The formation of our trade show booth was pioneered by our Marketing Department in 2016. With Skyline Exhibits' help, we designed a full-fledged booth from the ground up. This included everything from the flooring and counter space to the lighting and sample displays.

    While the original design is still utilized today, every year, we make tweaks to accommodate new product trends. And, of course, there’s lots of Hanover swag to hand out!


    Beyond the booth, the staff is highly trained and ready to help. Our Sales Team arrives knowledgeable and prepared to discuss project details, from installation methods to custom product colors. We often pair our newer faces with seasoned salespersons to provide in-field training and facilitate customer relationship-building. The national trade shows can be spread across the country from the West Coast to the East Coast, allowing us to include our regional external sales reps to help staff the booth (as seen below!).


    We take pride in how we represent Hanover® outside of the office, and it takes a team to make it work. Whether it’s constructing the booth or talking to trade show attendees, every person plays their part, and they do it well. If you’d like to see our upcoming shows, feel free to head over to the Event Page!