Custom Cutting Services

Projects sometimes have the need for a special effect or artistic design such as a corporate or university logo, a map, or a directional marker. These unique paving designs and special shapes can create a focal point or accent a walkway, making your project stand out. Through the use of an abrasive Water Jet controlled by exact CAD programmable settings, Hanover® can translate your intricate designs into unit pavers. Computerized saws cut to close tolerances for simpler cuts, helping to reduce time and labor in the field during installation. Cutting services can also be used to create more functional design elements from drainage holes and slots to voids or casings to accommodate light fixtures. In combination with the expansive range of custom colors Hanover® offers, design possibilities are endless. Hanover® can translate your beautiful rendering into a reality - we would be pleased to review your drawings and provide solutions.

  • Designs for logos, maps or directional markers
  • Functional elements such as drainage pavers and light fixtures
  • CAD programmable settings
  • Faster and more efficient installation
  • Reduction of in-field labor costs
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