Industrial Asphalt Block

Hanover® Asphalt Block can be used for industrial flooring which must withstand the constant traffic of forklift trucks. They can be used as an interior floor or on an exterior loading dock. Asphalt Block are impervious to water, non-flammable, shock resistant, and provide a comfortable walking surface for workers. Factory and industry noises are quieted, providing a better working environment. Gauged for even thickness, Hanover® Asphalt Block installs easily. A wide range of sizes and thicknesses make them suitable for any area. Colorful aggregates can be incorporated for those projects in which a more decorative flooring might be useful.

  • Variety of sizes and shapes are available [Size Chart]
  • Less than 1% absorption rate
  • Produced with Post Industrial Recycled Content
  • Gauged for even thickness
  • Comfortable walking surface
  • Durable, shock and spark resistant surface
  • Will not shrink
  • Factory sounds are reduced
  • Range of colors and textures available [View Colors]
  • Ideal for interior applications because of sound reducing qualities
  • Recommended for pedestrian and vehicular traffic [Product Usage Chart]