Installation Guidelines

The Installation guidelines provided have been reduced to brief specifications. When reviewing, please take the conditions and situations unique to the location and individual project into consideration. Also take into consideration the purpose for which the application was intended. Commercial applications will require examination of the project requirements and the appropriate Unit paver size and thickness, base preparation, and edge restraint and are among the important components that must be given consideration. Additional attention must be given to elevated applications.
For product specific installation guidelines, details, and designs refer to our Product Info page.

Roof & Plaza Layout Assistant

Hanover's Roof & Plaza Layout Assistant Form has been designed to provide Hanover® with the proper data to assist you in determining the required number of pavers, paver sizes, pedestal quantities, pedestal elevations and any other information relative to your unique project. After the form is submitted, a Hanover® technical representative will contact you to discuss the details.

Roof & Plaza Layout Assistant

An architect, landscape architect and/or structural engineer should be consulted to develop a specification for the individual project. Contact a Hanover® representative for installation recommendations and solutions unique to your project.

High Wind Solutions

High wind and severe site conditions require additional attention. Hanover® manufactures several High Wind Uplift Resistance Systems. For high wind solution product performance evaluation, fill out the Building Wind Design Criteria Form.

Building Wind Design Criteria Form

For high wind solution product performance evaluation, please fill out the Building Wind Design Criteria form.

Installation Designs

Many installation designs can be achieved with Hanover's Prest® Brick. A classic, tailored appearance can be created with Traditional® Prest® Brick or a more rugged look can be achieved with Riven Prest® Brick. With a wide range of different sizes, colors and finishes to choose from, design possibilities are endless. Keep in mind, any installation which anticipates vehicular traffic needs special attention with all installation elements reviewed.