LAMININ® Paver Infusion Technology is a revolutionary new manufacturing technology that infuses Hanover® pavers from the inside out. LAMININ® lays the foundation to actively influence the adhesion of concrete molecules and increases the performance of Hanover's already proven concrete pavers. Concrete molecules are bonded together to strengthen and maintain the highest quality concrete pavers in the industry.

For years, acid rain, ultraviolet light and efflorescence have been a detriment to the appearance and longevity of concrete unit pavers. Developed by Hanover® Architectural Products, LAMININ® will protect against acid rain and ultraviolet light to keep Hanover® Pavers looking vibrant and new for years to come. With an extremely low water absorption rate, efflorescence is substantially reduced.

  • Substantial reduction of efflorescence
  • Low water absorption [View Chart]
  • Protection from acid rain [View Chart]
  • Resistance to UV damage [View Chart]
  • Bright, vibrant color
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lasting installation
  • Improved stain resistance [View Chart]