MultiSided Paver System

Hanover® manufactures a Two Piece Octagonal Paver System and a Hexagonal Prest® Paver in two sizes. The Two Piece Octagonal system consists of an octagonal paver (15 7/8” across flats) and a square paver (6 9/16”). When laid together these two shapes create a variety of paving effects. The two pieces can be manufactured in the same or different colors. Textures could also be varied. By changing the color and texture combinations the designer has almost limitless paving possibilities.

The Hexagonal Prest® Pavers are manufactured in two sizes, 15 7/8” and 24” across flats, to accommodate large or small scale projects. This shape gives the opportunity to create special interest in a specific area of the project or for the entire project.

  • Wide range of standard and custom colors [View Colors]
  • Several textures available
  • Create a unique accent area
  • Can be installed with other Prest® Pavers in the same thickness