Pre-Assembled Granite Cobbles
Individual granite cobbles are connected by mesh backing in a tile-like fashion to form pre-assembled geometric modules for simplified installation. Once the granite cobble modules are installed, the backing becomes invisible. Because larger areas can be installed at once, rather than stone by stone, installation is simplified. With simplified installation, projects can move forward at a faster pace and labor costs are reduced. Several interlocking shapes and patterns are available ranging from Stacked and Running Bonds to Circles and Fans. Cobbles can be split or sawn on all four sides. Top surfaces are available with two finishes – Split or Thermal/Flamed. A Split finish is rocky and uneven, creating a rugged appearance. When a more even surface is required, a lightly textured Thermal/Flamed finish is available.
  • Highest quality raw materials
  • Quick and simplified installation
  • Several interlocking shapes and patterns are available
  • 16 week turnaround
  • Additional custom colors available when quantities permit [ VIEW COLORS ]