Prest® Brick

Creating endless design opportunities, Hanover® Prest® Brick includes several styles with appearances ranging from classic to rugged.

Paving with small individual units has been successful since the Romans and has stood the test of time. The selection of Hanover’s Prest® Brick sizes, colors, and textures allow endless design possibilities. Today’s architects, landscape architects and planners are rediscovering the method, redefining the procedures and incorporating them into all types of projects; residential, commercial and industrial. Modern municipal and urban areas have only emphasized the original advantages of using pavers. Hanover® Prest® Brick form a flexible pavement which is designed to work with the
forces of nature.


While granite is a classic and often timeless choice, the overall cost and availability limits its use. Hanover® has developed a unique concrete color palette to offer an alrernative paving solution to popular granite colors currently found in the market. For an overview, check out our Granite Collection Prest® Brick Flyer or Contact Us today.

GCB91001 Ground Tudor®

GCB91002 Ground Tudor®

GCB91003 Ground Tudor®

GCB91004 Ground Tudor®

GCB91005 Ground Tudor®

GCB91006 Ground Tudor®

GCB91007 Ground Tudor®

GCB91008 Ground Tudor®

GCB91009 Ground Tudor®

Traditional® Prest® Brick

Produced with a 3/16” bevel, each brick is uniform in size, permitting easy installation of any paving design.

Hanover® Cobble

Hanover's Cobble couples granite-like sophistication with affordable charm.


Hanover's PlankStone® introduces a completely new look for modular paving.

Appian® Prest® Brick

Hanover's Appian® Prest® Brick with Natural finish add a cobbled charm to any paving project.

HampshireTM Prest® Brick

Hanover's Hampshire™️ Prest®️ Brick is a unique system with overall dimensions of 5 7/8” x 15 1/4”.

Multisided Prest® Brick

Five shapes, ranging from a series of gentle arches to a variation of a rectangular brick with angled sides, create opportunities for the designer.

Parallelogram Prest® Brick

Hanover's NEW 6” Parallelogram A & B each have an overall length of 16 9/16”.

Bullnose Coping

Hanover® Bullnose Coping has a specially rounded side, designed to act as an exposed edge when a hard corner may not be suitable.

Appalachia Prest® Brick

The Appalachia Prest® Brick has a texture that forms a series of alternating ridge lines and valleys.

Olde Hanover®

Create a vintage paving effect reminiscent of the narrow cobbled streets of old European villages with Olde Hanover® Prest® Brick.

Riven Viisi® Prest® Brick

Riven Prest® Brick replicates the look of stone with contoured sides and a face textured to simulate natural riven stone. Riven refers to the surface of flags.

Halifax® Flagstone

Whether you are contemplating an inviting garden path or a quiet landscaped patio, Halifax® Flagstone is the perfect choice.


LAMININ® Paver Infusion Technology is a revolutionary new manufacturing technology that infuses Hanover® pavers from the inside out.