Commercial Asphalt Block
Hanover's Asphalt Block is equally suited for commercial or residential applications. It is a unique paver which offers the homeowner another paving solution. The same qualities which make Asphalt Block beneficial for commercial applications also apply to residential installations. Hanover® Asphalt Block are comfortable to walk on, are extremely durable with a less than 1% absorption rate, and enable easy changes, repairs or replacements.
  • Variety of sizes and shapes are available [ SIZE CHART ]
  • 3D Diamond creates three dimensional effects
  • Less than 1% absorption rate
  • Produced with Post Industrial Recycled Content
  • Gauged for even thickness
  • Comfortable walking surface
  • Range of colors and textures available [ VIEW COLORS ]
  • Recommended for pedestrian and vehicular traffic  [ PRODUCT USAGE CHART ]