Single mix vs double mixGETTING WHAT YOU PAY FOR
The performance ability and product strength of a concrete paver, especially when these products are valued for their structural and aesthetic qualities, need to be considered. For over 38 years Hanover® has been manufacturing Prest® Brick using a single homogenous mix design. It is our belief that high quality at a fair price will sustain far longer than a lower quality, more economical product.

The concept behind double mix systems is logical. Put the color and/or aggregates in just the top surface of the paver, and only where the customer can see, thus saving money. What is compromised is the product’s integrity from the standpoint of compressive strength, absorption and it’s ability to withstand de-icing salts and freeze/thaw cycles. Delamination, facial crumbling of the pavers and/or total paver failure may occur.

Concrete pavers made with homogenous mix designs provide much greater resistance to weather and loading, yielding high compressive strength and low absorption. When comparing Hanover® Prest® Brick to other brands, Hanover® consistently meets or exceeds all industry standards. With regards to the concrete paver industry, Hanover® continues to raise the bar.
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