Rockcurb® Radius Section

RockCurb® Radius sections can be used when the project incorporates curves. Gentle arches or circles can be accommodated by using a combination of radii and straight sections. A complete selection of internal and external radii are available with either a 12” or 18” height in two profiles. The 18” RockCurb® Radius Section is available in both the angled Battered Profile and the rounded Bullnose Profile. The 12” section is available in the Battered Profile only and a limited number of external radii.

  • Incorporate gentle arcs and curves
  • Internal and external radii are available [Radius Section Graphic]
  • Radius Sections are available in lengths [RockCurb® Radius Chart]
  • Stocked in Limestone Gray, custom colors availabe [View Colors]
  • 1/8" joint is recommended to allow for freeze-thaw expansion
  • Easily reconfigured and reinstalled to accommodate changes or repairs