Rockcurb® For Roof Applications

Hanover® RockCurb® for roof applications has become an integral part of green building projects, helping to earn Sustainable Sites Credits and achieve LEED points. Working hand in hand with green roof assemblies to provide environmental benefits and aesthetically appealing rooftop gardens, RockCurb® can be used to separate green areas from hardscaped areas. RockCurb® can be installed over the waterproofing system based on waterproof manufacturers recommendations.

  • Straight, Radius and Transition Sections can be used
  • Install over waterproofing system based on waterproof manufacturers recommendations [RockCurb® Roof Detail]
  • Stocked in Limestone Gray, custom colors available [View Colors]
  • 1/8" joint is recommended to allow for freeze-thaw expansion
  • Easily reconfigured and reinstalled to accommodate changes or repairs