Rockcurb® Transition Section

To allow the transition from a full height curb to the appropriate level needed for an entrance or drive, 3 special RockCurb® Transition shapes are manufactured. The Left and Right Transition Sections reduce the height, while the Center Transition Section provides the opening. Center Transitions can be used in multiples to allow any size driveway width. Straight or Radius Sections can be easily removed and replaced with Transition Sections to permit the transition to the level of the Center Transition Section.

  • Left, Right and Center Transition Sections available [Transition Section Detail]
  • Available with the Battered Profile only
  • Stocked in Limestone Gray, custom colors available [View Colors]
  • 1/8" joint is recommended to allow for freeze-thaw expansion
  • Easily reconfigured and reinstalled to accommodate changes or repairs