Water Jet Cutting
Through the use of an abrasive Water Jet, Hanover® can cut pavers into more intricate shapes and designs. Controlled by exact CAD programmable settings, more distinctive patterns for logos, maps, entryways, murals, and special paving designs can be accommodated.

With the exactness that comes from the pinpoint cutting and precise CAD computer controls, Hanover’s abrasive Water Jet Cutting decidedly increases the accuracy over other more traditional methods of sawing. Arcs, circles, inside and outside radii are all cut with the same precision. Multiple colored designs can also be accommodated. Contact Hanover® to discuss your project designs. We would be pleased to review your drawings and provide possible solutions. Custom cutting of Hanover® products with custom colors and aggregate blends opens up endless possibilities.
  • Intricate shapes and designs can be accommodated
  • CAD programmable settings
  • A range of Hanover® products can be used